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Thread: Looking fora new hobby

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    Looking fora new hobby

    Thinking about joining NSSA for 2019 year. I would like to join a carbine or artillery team/unit. What type of carbines are acceptable? I have 45+ years experience with black powder weapons. Are there weapons for sale at skirmishs? Do used weapons ever become available?

    Thanks, Gunrunner

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    Welcome Gunrunner! I'm way down here in the sunny South so I can't do much for you unit wise. I'm' sure some folks up your way will contact you shortly. One thing you definitely need to establish in your mind though is - everyone in the N-SSA is a musket shooter, first and foremost. Cannons, carbines, those fabulous smoothbores, and those hated revolvers also compete, but top banana status always goes to the top musket team. Guns of all kinds are constantly offered on this website - look two entries up.
    As for what's legal carbine wise, just about everything used in the war. If you have an eye on something, mention it here --- John or Bruce will quickly tell you whether it's legal or not. Include lots of detail though. Folks play around a lot with bullets, loads, lubes, and sights -- but sights MUST be in their correct location on the gun.

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    I am sending you a PM now

    QUOTE=Gunrunner;73204]Thinking about joining NSSA for 2019 year. I would like to join a carbine or artillery team/unit. What type of carbines are acceptable? I have 45+ years experience with black powder weapons. Are there weapons for sale at skirmishs? Do used weapons ever become available?

    Thanks, Gunrunner[/QUOTE]

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    Welcome to the N-SSA.

    Yes, you can buy guns at the skirmishes. The most common seen carbines seem to be Sharps, Smiths and Maynards. The national skirmishes are held in May and October at the home range just outside of Winchester, Virginia and you can find most anything from the War that can be shot. There are many regional shoots as well.
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    All teams are required to field a musket team. Most choose also to field a carbine team. Generally speaking carbine matches are shot on Saturday, musket matches on sunday. The majority of teams also shoot smoothbore.

    Matches are divided into regional and national events. At regional events, generally speaking there aren't many (if any) sutlers set up, but often members bring their own guns to sell here and there. Nationals down in VA is the gravy train for buying guns though! Many sutlers and individuals selling hundreds of original and repro guns.

    Given your location you would likely be joining a team in the Allegheny or Mid-Atlantic region, or possibly Northeast.

    Any carbine issued to 100 or more men during the war is acceptable if original and unmodified. Reproductions fall in two catergories: blanket approvals and individually inspected approvals. It might help to know what it is you have; if you said you had for instance a Pietta Smith I would say, "Oh yes, that's fine."

    I would start by going to Many regions maintain their own web pages. Others are on facebook. Try contacting the regional commander and/or recruiting officer for the area you are interested in. He can direct you as to the specifics of that region.

    Feel free to look at the main N-SSA site some more too, for videos, descriptions, etc.

    I'm in the midwest region myself.

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    Welcome to the NSSA. I am one of the Regional Recruiters for the Middle Atlantic Region. I am going on the North East location in your post. We shoot at two ranges in Pa. In the south (Lancaster County) we shoot at Fort Ross in Drumore, Pa. In the North, we shoot at Springtown Rod and Gun Club (Fort Miller) in Springtown, Pa. (between Allentown and Easton, Pa.) Most of the teams of the Middle Atlantic Region are located in the Phila and Northern New Jersey areas. The recruiter for the northern part of the Middle Atlantic Region is in Springtown, Pa. If you would like to talk and meet him, let me know and we can start the process. I have been in the Association for 39 years, and it has been a wonderful experience. The Region has a Facebook page, and it is good place to communicate with fellow members. Let me know if I can help.

    Keep pouring minies,

    True Blue and Diamond Hard,
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    I shoot in what is known as the North-East Region, which covers the area from Erie PA to Syracuse NY. We have an official N-SSA Skirmish held once a year at the Gem City range near McKean, PA. The date for that Skirmish next year is June 21-23. There are also official skirmishes held in Franklinville and Dansville NY. The N-SSA has some members living in the Erie and Warren areas of PA, although I don't know if they use this BB or not.

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    New Hobby

    Where in Pa are you located ? Sure we can find a team close to you to put you in contact with.
    John Doyle # 3463 2ND VA VOL INF/ Allegheny Regional Commander

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