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Thread: Sharps NM 1859 Carbine Percussion Cap Failure

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    Question Sharps NM 1859 Carbine Percussion Cap Failure

    I was shooting my original carbine yesterday and was having multiple failures with Schuetzen brand musket caps. It was almost as if the Lawrence pellet primer was slowing the hammer too much. When the caps did ignite, the charge always ignited. So, I dont think it was a problem of them not being hot enough. The caps are less than a year old and have been stored inside tins and in dry climate controlled conditions. Any suggestions other than trying to find a slightly taller nipple?
    Thank you in advance,
    - milsurpshooter

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    My teammate has the same issue with them, different guns
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    I have had this issue as well. I have fixed it by dressing the nipples so that I have a sharper edge on the top of the nipple. Also be sure that the fit of the cap to the nipple isn't too snug. The Schutzen caps are snugger than the RWS.
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    I had the same problem with a Garrett replica. There was a stud in the primer mech that was causing the hammer to drag a bit. Solution, dismantle the pellet primer mechanism, which is just a trap for cap residue, fouling, etc.

    I did some testing with the Schuetzen caps when they first came out by putting two different types of material (target paper first, cotton patches next) into the gap between barrel and breech in my Maynard carbine. In every instance, the RWS caps did more damage than the Schuetzen. Schuetzen caps are noticeably louder, but I don't thing they are hotter. The scientists use the term "brisance" to describe the effect -
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