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Thread: Potential New Guys from North Carolina

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    Potential New Guys from North Carolina


    This is my first post here and I was hoping to get some advice from members. My son and I are interested in joining the N-SSA. I'm not sure if it makes a difference, however he will be 16 in September of 2019. We would like to join a Union unit, however we are located in North Carolina. We enjoy shooting muzzle loading rifles and muskets and would like to find a unit that unit that is more into the experience of the event rather than being super competitive. We would like to join no earlier than March of 2019, but wanted to get information and advice now in preparation. Any advice is appreciated!

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    Good news is that 14 is the age of admission. You will be hearing from Carolina teams shortly. I don’t know if there are any Union teams but we should hear soon
    welcome aboard
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    I'm Mike Bodner and I'm the commander of the Palmetto Sharpshooters. I would like to invite you to check out N-SSA at our annual Homecoming Skirmish November 9-11. I highly recommend coming on Saturday the 10th and you can see lots of activity including mortars and cannons! This skirmish is well attended by many of the best N-SSA teams from around the country as it is the final event for 2018. A sort-of last chance to gain bragging rights!

    You'll also get the chance to meet different Carolina Region teams. Although there aren't currently any teams representing the Union, many of us northern transplants (I'm from NJ) 'switched sides' and are now part of Southern teams.

    The Palmetto Sharpshooters first and foremost want to have FUN. We are quite successful in this goal, by the way!! We also all try to do our personal best and when everyone is clicking, we do well as a team. We enjoy talking about guns, the war, and history in general. Several of our members are former re-enactors. Other members (4) are actually 3 generations of the same family. So we are definitely family oriented. we also come from all parts of the country: Michigan, NJ, CA, LA, NY, Virginia, Texas, and SC, so we're a diverse bunch of good folks.

    You'll find our team is very willing to help new members get started. We're always willing to lend our equipment (including guns) to new members, so no one is required to run out and 'get everything' before the join. Because we represent late-war, our uniforms are decidedly non-uniform as we represent folks that 'came equipped as they were able' towards the end of the war. Consequently, folks can piece their uniforms and equipment together as they enjoy.

    I'll be running the event so I can easily be found in the tower running the range and talking over the loudspeaker, so you'll have no trouble finding me. I'll introduce you to the team and I'm sure we'll make you both feel at home.

    Things get started around 8:00AM on Saturday and we'll shoot induvial bulls-eye targets for score until around 10:30. If you are there during this time, the Sharpshooters would be happy to let you shoot our guns and see what it's like!. At 11:00 team competitions begin with Carbine, followed by Smoothbore. At 4:00PM the cannon competition begins. Food is available (breakfast and lunch) for very reasonable cost.

    You can also contact me directly at or voice/text at 973-600-3777. Don't hesitate to contact me with any questions or for additional information. Our skirmish will be held in Statesville, NC so you can MapQuest your drive time. I can also send you detailed directions about exactly how to get here.

    I sure hope you can come out and we look forward to meeting you and your son!

    -Mike Bodner
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    I'm also on the Palmetto Sharpshooters and we'd be glad to have you visit even with Yankee proclivities (we tolerate a couple.......) Seriously though, Union v Confederate really isn't an issue in the NSSA unlike reenacting. Just get on a team where the right balance between competitiveness and camaraderie are to your liking. The Homecoming Skirmish would be a great one to visit as there are a bunch of teams that come to it from the region.

    Come on and visit, we'd be glad to see you and show you around a Skirmish.
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    Potential members

    Where are you located? The 11th Indiana has 2 members who live in North Carolina who would be glad to help you out in any way possible. While most of our members live and shoot in the Midwest Region, the 2 of us attend Tidewater and Carolina Region skirmishes and shoot with local teams as pick ups. You can email me at for more information. Welcome to the N-SSA.

    Dan Mastin

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    Where do you live?

    We have members all over, not that that matters since I am on a Union Team out of the potomac region but if you are close to a member they can help you get set up.

    Me? Raleigh, so I shoot in Capron VA (2 hours from Raleigh) a lot and the guys out West of the State shoot in Statesville for their matches.

    Also, if you are new to Black Powder you will need to double check with your local ranges to see if you can shoot it there,,,, mostly it is the INSIDE Ranges that do not permit it. I know of one that BLEW UP because someone used BP inside,,,, It seems decades of unburned "propellent' that had built up in the cracks and pours of the concrete ignited when a burning ember from a piston made it to the floor. No one hurt but very Smokey and so damaged concrete.

    Oh, and not many UNION TEAMS down here...

    David P. Baldwin

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