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Thread: Fs: Orig '63 project piece

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    Fs: Orig '63 project piece

    For Sale: Springfield M-1863 - mix of original and repo

    Original: lock (and internals), hardware and breech.

    She features a BEAUTIFUL repo barrel (3 lans & groves, progressive depth rifling) and a VERY nice repo stock.

    FULL DISCLOSURE - she DOES require some lock work, a ram rod, correct trigger, and a few screws.

    I'd like to get her into the hands of a buyer prior to the National - so they can get any needed parts. As a winter-time "project piece" she has ALL the makings of a first rate skirmishing piece!!

    PRICED to move - asking $675.00 out the door.

    Interest / questions please email:

    Photos below for your review.

    MANY thanks in advance for your time & interest!!!
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