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Thread: WTB: Items for New Skirmishers

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    WTB: Items for New Skirmishers

    My wife and oldest son have expressed interest in joining the N-SSA. I’m in need of most of the items for them. Thus far, I’ve managed to pick up a musket (Zouave), cartridge box, and a hat for my son. I’ve also picked up a hat, belt, cartridge box, cap pouch, and belt buckle for my wife. My wife may start by using a Zouave I’ve kept as a backup for years but I’m willing to consider anything in the musket, carbine, revolver category since there’s been interest expressed by my wife in participating in all those categories.

    I’m going to need uniforms, cap pouches, boots, etc. In regards to the uniform, since our team is a Confederate team, we have a little bit of flexibility in what we can use. If anybody has extra items they can part with reasonably, I would appreciate it. Also, please have a price in mind since I don’t have an unlimited supply of funds. It’s probably easiest to reach my by text/phone at 765-623-7845.
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