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Thread: The Rebel Yell and our skirmishes

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    The Rebel Yell and our skirmishes

    I imagine most of you have experienced this.

    Morning comes on Sunday, and the units line up at the 25 yard line for roll call. Whoever is on the microphone reads off the unit names. Dixie is played. Somewhere in there, the Confederate teams let out a blood-curdling shriek of enthusiasm.

    I appreciate the gesture, but as a historical organization, if they are going for a rebel yell, this is entirely wrong.

    This is what the Rebel yell sounded like.

    It's more of a yip, what you would think of Native American warriors doing. If you expel all your air in one go, you're doing it wrong.

    I would challenge all Confederate units to listen to this video and start practicing. Be living history and let the Rebel Yell be heard again at our skirmishes.

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    Thinking those 90 year old lungs didn't authentically portray the proper Rebel Yell. I heard the original tape played decades ago and he was having a rough time at best speaking even. But it was really neat hearing one of the last giving it his best.
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    That is pretty darned cool!
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    If your uniform was reduce to rags, had a head full of lice, had't eaten any thing but buggy hardtack and watered down coffee for a couple of weeks and were running bare foot across a stony field. You probably would repeat the Rebel Yell fairy accurately.
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    While I've hob-knobbed with lots of WWII (sung barbershop with) and Korea guys, have not had a chance to do so with any original Rebels. I got to think the origin of the "yell" was coon hunting - a pastime I'm sure are large percentage participated in before the war. Without "Ol' Blue" available doing the yipping they had to provide the sound effects themselves. I'm convinced that the high pitch our guys emulate is right on. Coming from the corn fields of Iowa, I cannot begin to emulate that Southern high tenor. It must be the grits.

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    Here is another link of a video of old Confederate Soldiers doing the "Rebel Yell" from the 1930's. This video is from the Archives of The Library of Congress.
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    The 4th LA’s website ( N-SSA) has a series of great videos released from the museum of the confederacy that were electronically modified to replicate a company of 70 men, pretty cool
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    Quote Originally Posted by Francis J. Miller Jr, 02601 View Post
    Here is another link of a video of old Confederate Soldiers doing the "Rebel Yell" from the 1930's. This video is from the Archives of The Library of Congress.

    The yells in this link are more like I've always imagined than that first video.
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