I have an Armisport P1853 Enfield rifle. Slowly I'm making like my Great Grandpa's except for one thing. His was horribly inaccurate. I'm trying to improve that.

Below is yesterday (8-10-1 shooting experiment. My 3 band Enfield was shooting high and left... way left at 100 yards. So I drilled and tapped a 6-32 hole on the left side of the sight and removed some material on the sight part that flips up (did it on the right side) then I was able to use the set screw to adjust the sight further to the right. First shot was on the 9 ring, but I was aiming actually at the number "8" Saw the hole and adjusted the sight more to the right using the set screw and shot 2 more times, which were the ones on the 8 ring above the bulls eye. Looked through the binoculars at the target and saw the hole on the 8 ring above the center and did another shot that pretty much ended in the same hole. That funny looking hole above the bulls eye is actually 2 bullets nearly in the same hole. I left the sight right there where it's at. Hoping I can get either a Zouave or a P-H to be able to do better.

For clarity, the tapped hole is on the front outside of the sight (left side) and the material taken off was off that center part that you can flip up (to give clearance) so I could move the center V a little further to the right. Would be nice to build up that front sight just a bit so I can get it closer to dead on at 100, but as it is now, probably dead on at 200 yards, which is not a bad thing. NOTE: This is off a bench rest FYI.