The match will be held at 5:30 PM,Thursday May 17,2018 on the Pistol Range. N-SSA units interested in entering a 3 person team in this demonstration match contact Larry Brockmiller at 757-596-6031 or e-mail at Six teams will be selected to participate,no entry fee

* Three shooters per team,at least two from the same unit.
* three events, three minute time limit
*All events shot at 12.5 yards
*All loading from leather cap and cartridge box carried on person. Note: Ramrod, brush rod and round balls may be placed on shooting bench
*Commands for loading and firing are the same as Smoothbore Musket Team Match
*Note rules for loading single-shot pistols in 20.7.1 of N-SSA Rules and General Rules for all Single-Shot Pistols in 20.7.3