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Thread: Looking to join N-SSA, where to start?

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    Looking to join N-SSA, where to start?

    Hi everyone,

    One of the things I want to do for 2018 is get started with shooting N-SSA. I moved to Harrisburg PA last year from NY, so Iím assuming thereís probably more skirmish activity down here given the closer proximity to Civil War history itself. I want to know how to go about getting in touch with a local team and getting signed up. I havenít put in an application to the N-SSA yet as I wanted to find out what teams are operating in south central PA. Given my pretty central location, Iíd be willing to hook up with a team anywhere between Gettysburg and Lancaster. I see that Pennsylvania plays host to a number of units but could not find their actual localities and who I might get in touch with, and was really confused what N-SSA region I fall under as it appears PA is split into three. Iím assuming Chesapeake?

    Hopefully some board members can point me to the right people.

    thank you!

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    apriestly, Welcome to the campfire! The region is determined by the Team you join and not so much by what the team name is or even sometimes not by the team's stated location so it's easy to see where the confusion can happen from an outside perspective. My best advice to you would be to find a member of team close to you and let them be your guide in navigating joining the N-SSA. Now if you're looking to attend shoots more in your local area look at some of the smaller regional shoots near you and attend one of those and there will be all kinds of teams looking for new members. BTW I am sure some of them will chime right in here soon so I doubt it will be long before one is in contact with you that is close by. Cheers,
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    Always looking for members

    apriestly, I'm with the 1st Pennsylvania Rifles "Bucktails" & our members are from the Gettysburg, Harrisburg, Chambersburg area. We would be glad to introduce you to the NSSA.

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    There are a few options from your location. If you would prefer to travel to Fort Shenandoah in Winchester, VS, then there are 4 regions that use the Fort as their range. The PA region is the Mid Atlantic region and they compete in Drumore, PA (southwest of Lancaster) and Springtown, PA (east of Quakertown). The Mid Atlantic along with every region shoots nationals twice a year in Winchester as well.

    You have two options when joining: 1) join a region as an individual member for 1 year u til you find a team that best suits you or 2) join a team directly.

    Considering it's the off season and skirmishes don't pick up until late March, I think working with the 1st PA Bucktails is a great option! Especially since they're close to you.

    If you need anything else in the meantime, I'm happy to help.

    Melinda Shaw

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    Welcome. Great group of people in the N-SSA
    Lou Lou Lou Ruggiero
    Tamanny Regt-42nd NYVI

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    Hi apriestley!

    This page will be useful to you:

    These are the regions:

    This is a map of active competition locations:

    You will discover that there are probably only a few skirmish locations near you. So it does not matter so much where your potential team mates live, or what the name of their team is, what matters is who shoots at the skirmish locations near you.

    For example, in the Deep South Region, all skirmishes of the year except one are held at the same place. So it doesn't matter which team you join - they will all be shooting at the same place.

    So you should pick a team that is into what you want out of a team. Some teams are "competitive" in that they want top-notch shooters and they gun for top medals. Others are more laid back.

    Welcome aboard!


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    Quote Originally Posted by Maillemaker View Post

    So you should pick a team that is into what you want out of a team. Some teams are "competitive" in that they want top-notch shooters and they gun for top medals. Others are more laid back.

    And there's us Rebs! Fun lovin' type, shoot good and look better!
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    Welcome apriestley,

    My team is the Lancaster Fencibles, we are a Union (Federal) unit based out of Lancaster County, PA and we are in the Middle Atlantic Region of the N-SSA with members from Lancaster, Elizabethtown, Lititz, Palmyra and Mechanicsburg to name a few. We are always looking for new members to deepen our ranks. If you would like more information about The Lancaster Fencibles feel free to PM (Private Message) me here, or email me at and, wherever you decide to go, welcome to the N-SSA and enjoy the fun of shooting Civil War era firearms in live fire competition and the comradery that the N-SSA has to offer.

    Francis J. Miller Jr. (Herb)
    Lancaster Fencibles/79th PVI
    Middle Atlantic Region
    153-MA - 02601V
    Middle Atlantic Region Deputy Provost Marshal
    N-SSA National Provost Guard

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    Middle Atlantic Regional Recruiter here

    Hello. I am Harry Gaul of the 3rd US of the NSSA. I am the Middle Atlantic Regional Recruiter, mentor and Regional Inspector. I live in Lancaster County a mere 35 miles from you. If you need some help with equipment or advice, I am willing to help you. Starting in February, I will be casting bullets at my house in East Petersburg for the new recruits. If you are interested, PM me and we will connect. I am committed to getting you started and pointed in the right direction. For your calendar, the first weekend in February is the Lancaster Muzzle loading Rifle gun show in Lancaster, Pa. Next is the Greater Harrisburg Outdoor show Feb 3 to 9. The NSSA will have an information booth in the main gun hall. February 25th is the Columbia Fish and Game gun show and shoot. If the weather cooperates, the NSSA will have a group of skirmishers put on a demonstration followed by your opportunity to shoot at breakable targets. If you have a musket that you want me examine, I would be happy to do so. You can shoot one of my muskets. I will provide the rounds and caps.

    The NSSA is a great time. The unit to which I am a member is big time Artillery people and we shoot live rounds down range.

    I would like to send you a recent copy of the NSSA magazine, The Skirmish Line, free of charge. That magazine will give you insight into the NSSA.

    I need your mailing address.

    True Blue and diamond Hard,
    Harry Gaul
    3rd US
    3626 v
    Middle Atlantic Regional Inspector, recruiter, and mentor.

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    1st Penn. Rifles (Bucktails) are a great team! Very family oriented and good shots!

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