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Thread: Hotel rate hike

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    Hotel rate hike

    Has anyone else noticed how the Holiday Inn Express on Foxridge Lane is trying to make a few extra bucks off us this year? I was thinking of booking a room there for the spring Nationals, like I usually do about this time of the year. This hotel has been my favorite since it was built, although by now it is starting to show its age. However, it canít be beat for location relative to the Fort.

    I just checked the best rate at the week of the Nationals and the same days the month before and after. The rate is $30 extra per night for the Nationals. I am all for the free market and letting good old supply and demand set prices, but I am also a friend of fairness and good will that you build up between supplier and repeat customers. I am going to vote with my wallet and drive a few extra miles this year.

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    We have been booking there since they opened more than 11 years ago. Room was $75 a night just raised to $80 a night. They have always been more than fair. Some rooms are slightly more expensive. We are there for seven nights, that might mitigate in our favor as well.
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    If I motel it, I usually stay at the motel 6 at the south end of town. A little more of a drive but freshly renovated (one of the nicest Motel 6s I've seen) and cheaper than anyone else in town that's worth anything, even with an N-SSA discount. Plus there is a nice little hole in the wall cafe with awesome breakfasts nearby. AND it's near the gun show at the ice rink, which often falls on the same weekend as a skirmish.

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