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Thread: Die to make wingless caps

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    Die to make wingless caps

    In case you missed it at fall Nat'ls, I make a trim die to cut the wings off the RWS winged caps. The die fits in a standard loading press. The cutting parts of made from tool steel and properly heat treated for a long service life. It comes with instructions for setting it up and using it. The wingless caps are needed for those 1st mod Maynards and work well with some other firearms such as the Sharps. They are no longer made or sold and when the present inventory is gone there will be no more unless you make your own. The price is $125 and I can ship it for another $7. PM me if interersted.
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    This is an excellent example of John's problem solving.

    Am totally happy with mine. Beautifully made for a lifetime of use.
    Wingless caps from it fit correctly.

    Kevin Tinny

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