I firmly believe that we, as members of the North-South Skirmish Association, have a lot to be thankful for this year. We had two good Nationals this year. The staffs of both Nationals did excellent jobs. We had concerns about the Fall National due to the unrest that has swept our country regarding monuments and history. Thankfully, there was no trouble from outside protesters and the National went extremely well. We have had a large number of skirmishes this year and all of them have been successful. I participated in six regions this year and have been very pleased with the skirmishes that I attended. Our recruitment efforts have brought in many new members to the N-SSA and this needs to continue. As I think about this year the thing that comes to me the most is the friendships that we have. It is great to go to a skirmish and see old friends and make new ones. We all hit targets and miss targets! We all try to do better. We all hope that we will have a great skirmish every time we go out. But the thing that is most important, and most lasting, is the friendships that we have forged in the N-SSA. So many of us look forward to seeing friends at our skirmishes. I believe that this is the greatest strength of the N-SSA. I firmly believe that all of us should be thankful for our experience in the N-SSA. So, as you sit around the table at Thanksgiving, please say a prayer of thanks for and the future of the N-SSA. Happy Thanksgiving!