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Thread: Best anti-seize nipple grease?

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    I have been using Permatex Anti-seize for about thirty years on both my musket and revolver nipples and have never had one seize up. I put a little on a tooth pick and spread a light coating on the threads. But beware this stuff jumps at you. As soon as you remove the lied from the bottle it jumps on your fingers then to your hand then to the barrel then to the stock and finally to the workbench.
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    I've had the best luck with teflon tape, but I find it fiddly to work with, so usually I just put some white lithium grease on the threads and call it good. Since I pull the nipple every time I fire the gun, this seems to work well enough.


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    Have used teflon tape sometimes and nickel never-seize sometimes.
    Never-seize on revolvers for sure. Tape or never-seize on rifles and muskets.

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