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Thread: Wilcox & Gibbs sewing machine

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    Wilcox & Gibbs sewing machine

    The Original Wilcox & Gibbs sewing machines are now becoming collector items and rising far above $100 for a usable machine. Singer made a manual chainstitch machine in the 1920's and 1930's called a Model 20. The machine looks very similar to hand cranked Wilcox & Gibbs machines of 60 years earlier. Would the Singer Model 20 be acceptable to turn out period looking stitches?
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    Re: Wilcox & Gibbs sewing machine

    What are you sewing with a chain stitch? It would only be appropriate on a shirt or other light wear garment. I've seen one outer garment sewn with a W&G chain stitch, and the problem is that when the thread breaks, the whole seam unzips like a zipper.
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