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Thread: wrinkles in round balls

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    Tanner mold is brass and moose aluminum hence the problem. Brass holds the heat for a better round. Move fast and turn the pot up 50 degrees. Only other excuse is old age for the wrinkly balls.
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    Degreasing the mold "just to be sure" and running the lead a little hotter to respect the aluminum are both good ideas. To add to it: different molds like different techniques. This is a little less of an issue with a RB mold than a minie mold but true even so. Try pouring the lead directly in. Try pouring the lead on the sprue and letting it run in. Try holding the spout of the dipper right against a sideways mold, and then upending it so the mold sucks the lead in. Try swirling the lead by pouring it on the side of the mold sprue plate so it spins as it goes in.

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    Well there's a lot of good ideas here folks, but I'm telling you PURE lead will not cast. There have only been four recorded cases where somebody actually cast perfect balls from pure lead in the last 150 years.

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    I have two Moose round ball moulds, one is .672" and the other is .678". Three days ago I cast 200 of each and had not one problem. I always sit the mould(s) on the edge of the furnace while the lead is melting. Once the lead is ready to go, the mould is the correct temperature and the balls come out as one would expect. I use Moose's mould prep before casting and that seems to be helpful. So, in the year that I have had both moulds, I have probably cast 1000 of each and have not had the issues you describe. And, by the way, I use soft lead for my round balls.
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    Entering the conversation here a bit late. But here's two other possible problem/solutions...

    I'm not familiar with moose molds or aluminum, but if the mold has slots in it for air to escape, they could be clogged.

    Also, the distance the mold is away from the ladle when pouring can have an effect on the temp as well. Hold it too far away and the lead has enough time to cool and cause wrinkles.
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    Moose Moulds

    I have had great results with Moose Moulds. I clean mine really well with alcohol and then apply Moose Juice, their liquid graphite solution, and preheat on my stove. Works really well for me.

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