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Thread: Directions to ft shenendoah on nssa webpage??

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ron/The Old Reb View Post
    Go to a truck stop and by a map book. Or better yet buy a good GPS best investment I ever made.
    The map book idea is usually a good idea. However I would be cautious about trying this approach in Alabama. In 1964 George Wallace had all the Alabama maps altered so were the Russians or Cubans to invade they would eventually end up either in Tennessee or the Gulf of Mexico. My last trip to Brierfield (from GA) I tried the direct approach using one of these maps and ended up at the end of a dead end road near Deer Snort,TN.
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    Ron/The Old Reb Guest

    Rob no offence taken.
    I understand the problem finding the fort for a stranger. Longitude and latitude of the fort would help. The first time I came to the fort as a visitor I could not find it at first either.

    "I tried the direct approach using one of these maps and ended up at the end of a dead end road near Deer Snort,TN."

    Same thing can happen with a GPS. Never use the shortest rout when planning a trip always use the fastest route.
    If you use the shortest route you'll likely end up in some farmers cow pasture like my friend did.

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    NOHING beats a good map, if you know how to read one.
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    If anyone cares/needs or wants, attached is a pdf giving simple & clear driving directions to Fort Shenandoah.

    Granted, this only applies when coming from the East. Aside from driving directions, this helps direct folks to the fort's Visitor Lot. Additional guidance is also provided to help get them to the Entry Control Point.

    This was made out of personal necessity as I've invited and received positive responses from quite a few friends & acquaintances in the DC Metro area to visit during the Spring National. And I did NOT want to trust solely on their personal GPS, or ability to read a map. Besides it's ALWAYS beneficial whey YOU can push verified/prepared information to a user, vice having them dig for it on their own.

    Hopefully my guests will come. More importantly, HOPEFULLY Mother Nature will cooperate!!

    Visitors coming from the other points of the compass... Well, perhaps similar "Barney-style" directions for those visitors would be in order.

    Anyhow, the price is right. If this helps to eliminate doubt or confusion for even just a single guests/potential skirmisher, them my task is done.

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    Quote Originally Posted by loussytom View Post
    Hi, Sorry been busy Ill post the directions on the SCCOGNYsite.. I of course cant make it ... story of my life.. BBQ wife committed me to after I found out E Town was Rice dayHaveFunLee

    ANOTHER SPAMMER testing the waters
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