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Thread: Looking for a team.

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    Looking for a team.

    I am a long term skirmisher who left the N-ssa several years ago. I would like to find a team that is not necessarily looking for another Musket or carbine shooter. My health is not that good and it is a lot of time on the line. Perhaps Revolver or repeater.
    The main reason I would like to return is that I have a couple of artillery pcs. which I can still use (with help of course).
    I live in Michigan and would prefer to join a team outside of my region.
    If you think that I may be a fit with your team, please P.M. me.
    Robert C. Hubbard Jr.
    R. C. Hubbard Jr.
    7th Wisconsin Volunteer Infantry

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    I understand you spoke with a team member (PJ Kelly) and he told me about your request. Well, the Palmetto Sharpshooters would be happy to have you as a member!!

    Because of your location, you are interested in attending Nationals - That would work out just fine! We tend to shoot all the events and are always looking for someone to stand shoulder to shoulder with us and bust some targets...

    Feel free to drop me a line ( or call be at 973-600-3777.

    You'll need to get me an application (see link below) and a check for $90 ($80 for N-SSA, $5 for team, and $5 for the region). You'll get to keep your original N-SSA membership number, and if you have it, be sure to include it on the application.

    Use this link to the Membership Application:

    Welcome aboard!!

    -Mike Bodner
    Commander, Palmetto Sharpshooters
    Mike 'Bootsie' Bodner
    Palmetto Sharpshooter's, Commander

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    I would never look to snipe another team's interest, but if you'd consider a team in the MW if Palmetto's doesn't work out, I'd say to shoot a PM to our regional recruiting officer, Ian. He can be reached here at the handle ian45662. The MW would offer the advantage that if you did feel up to going to a shoot or two outside nationals, it isn't that far of a trek; and several MW teams shoot repeater and revolver, mine included. I know a few teams would also be interested in getting into artillery, we just don't have the pieces.

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    I too don't want to snipe another team's interest but I will throw this out.

    Just like you I took a couple years off from skirmishing and then work transferred me from Virginia to Michigan. I found that the Northwest Region is filled with super friendly an awesome people and teams. I ultimately landed on the 21st Michigan.

    Don't hesitate to check out the Northwest Region if you reside in Michigan. Most of our shoots our held in Michigan. Here's the website:

    Good Luck,

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    Jamarnig Guest

    Looking for a team

    This thread was created for me to find a team, but since then I have found a great team in DUR, but if you are still looking for a team post there is always people looking for new drivers

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    Don't call the number or click the links!!!

    This is one of the spambots user names the n-ssa has allowed to remian unscathed on our board.
    Never squat with yer spurs on!!!

    Pat "PJ" Kelly #5795V
    Virginny & Texas

    MAYNARDS RULE!! & starr's DROOL!
    Hence the rust. MAYNARDAE LAUS DEO!

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