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Thread: Simple way to recuit potential new meFambers

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    Simple way to recuit potential new meFambers

    I know I have friends who shoot but who don't skirmish. Some of them I have invited to attend and see what it is we do. But some I haven't.

    So I just posted this to my Facebook page:

    "I know some of you who are my friends shoot, but don't skirmish. If you're at all interested in black powder guns, the American Civil War, or even just camping and having a few drinks around the fire and shooting at a few targets, let me know! We're an approachable, if sometimes curmudgeonly bunch, and we know how to have a good time!"

    This was of course tailored to the people on my friends list and my own personality. My challenge: for those of you on Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, whatever, post something similar. If everyone in the N-SSA posted this to their social media accounts (with wording as they see fit) I bet we'd get a few dozen folks show up to watch shoots, and at least 1-2 new recruits out of it... for free!

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    Very good idea Jonk! I am going to do the same.
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