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Thread: Looking for (quality) flintlock rifle

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    Looking for (quality) flintlock rifle

    I posted this a long time ago, but I am still searching for a quality flintlock for hunting. I did pick up a nice Thompson in .54 caliber, tried it, and was not a fan of the rifle. I really am looking for something not in the CVA/Thompson/Lyman line of rifles. I am really looking for a Navy Arms 1803 Haroers Ferry or a custom flitter that someone is not using, or is a closet queen.

    Since I recently moved, I am looking to trade off an 1817 Common Rifle. The only thing missing is the main spring. That can be acquired from the rifle shoppe. The drum has been replaced by Dan Whitacker for safe shooting. The rifling is dirty, but quite strong. It is still in original .54 caliber. If interested, please email me at and I can send you pics. Thanks for all your time and consideration.

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    Try, they have several auctions.
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