At the Batesville skirmish my buddy and I did something we have long discussed; traded revolvers.

He shot my ammo/load in my gun, I did the same with his gun.

I'm most definitely a B team revolver shooter. I never score over 30, 35 in individuals, he usually gets in the mid to high 40s. This experiment was to verify that it really IS the nut behind the trigger.

My results with the gun that he had just shot a 49 with: all on paper, but only half in the scoring rings.

His results with my gun- while perhaps a bit low on the black/white border, he shot a pretty decent 2.5 or so inch group, similar to my results from a bench. As he said, "That's an A team group no question."

Guess I gotta practice one handed revolver shooting a bit.

Still it was nice to determine that the gun, while perhaps not as good as a Ball or Hahn tuned gun, is capable, it's just me.