View Full Version : Safety concern re henry's

Rob FreemanWBR
06-27-2013, 05:56 PM

Didn't see a specific area in which to post safety related issues/concerns, or if this specific topic has been addressed elsewhere in the bulletin board.

Hoping that this thread can be fwd'd to the appropriate party.

My question/concern centers on:
Are Henry rifles/lever action pieces to be handled/staged in the ready area/taken off the line with the lever fwd?

Understand clearing procedures that currently take place coming off the line, but that doesn't address pieces being brought onto the line (assuming that they're unloaded) and/or handled in the ready area.

Not requiring the actions to remain open/"bolts to the rear" w/the exception of being physically on the firing line - would/is a serious safety concern, and have never seen this allowed at any other range.

Would be more than happy to continue this dialouge w/any and all concerned parties.

It's the "empty" pieces that end up shooting someone.