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  1. Uniform Material
  2. WHY????
  3. Civil War shirt with plastron
  4. GAR Hat?
  5. Selling Uniform and Gear
  6. Tassles
  7. Daughter of the Regiment Uniforms
  8. Confederate Badges
  9. Looking for Abe
  10. Machine-sewn uniforms
  11. CS Kepi Question
  12. Uniform of the 65th NC (6th NC Cav)
  13. Peter Tait Jackets
  14. euroarms
  15. Columbus Depot Jackets
  16. Shaping a Slouch Hat
  17. ***Selling Civil War Reenactment Uniform and Gear***
  18. Confederate Sharpshooter Uniform ?
  19. Who Has Really Large Confederate hats? 7 7/8" to 8"
  20. Repro Buckle Sutler
  21. Kids belt?
  22. Sling Installation M1855 Cartridge Belt
  23. Missing Shell Jacket
  24. C.S. Cartridge Box Plate Use
  25. Brass N and C letters?
  26. Missing union shell jacket
  27. Need helf finding Orginial Confederate mounted trouser photo
  28. Blanket
  29. Lee's Gettysburg uniform?
  30. makeing uniforms
  31. Wilcox & Gibbs sewing machine
  32. Tintype of Union officer
  33. Slouch hat colors
  34. CSMC
  35. Wedding Anniversary
  36. battle shirt
  37. Civil War uniforms of the USMC (new book out)
  38. Reproduction Wooden Canteen
  39. Shell jacket ID'd to Sgt. Stone, I Co. 11th MA Inf.
  40. CS Slouch Hat captured at Cedar Creek 1864
  41. Identified CS artillery officer's kepi
  42. used sack coat
  43. "All Red Kepi"
  44. Zouave Sergeant's Jacket,, 146th NY
  45. Dress Brogans
  47. CS Louisiana Shell Jacket w/Orig Corporal Chevrons
  48. Rare Rolled-Collar CS Officer's Coat, ID'd
  49. Veteran Reserve Corps Jacket and Vest with mourning ribbon
  50. ID's Virginia Militia Officer's Grouping
  51. Frock Coat ID'd to 69th PA Capt. KIA Gettysburg
  52. Kepi and Frock Coat of Lt. Hawley, 9th NY Heavy Artillery
  53. OT? Civil War Mess Sets-Brief Illustrated artidle
  54. Frock Coat ID'd to CAPT. W. Wilkin, WV Cav
  55. Only ID'd CHAPLAIN'S FROCK COAT in private hands
  56. Federal Cavalryman's 12-button uniform jacket, near-new cond
  57. 122nd & the band
  58. Half Salute Question
  59. Leather Belt Pouch For Musket Tubes
  60. Confederate Cavalry Kepi
  62. Museum of Confederacy uniform question
  63. WTB used infantry leather Union
  64. 1st Massachusetts Volunteer Cavalry Uniform
  65. Hand worked button holes
  66. Confederate Clothing of the Houston Quartermaster Depot
  67. "The Uniforms...of the 3rd Texas Volunteer Infantry" article
  68. Confederate Shako Headgear
  69. WTB Union artillery shell jacket
  70. CS Rank Insignia Colors
  71. Confederate Depots in Southwestern Virginia
  72. Richmond shell jackets from S and S Firearms
  73. Straps on the back of a vest?
  74. Civil War Horseshoe?
  75. Sources for leather
  76. Uniforms for the Springfield Zouave Grays
  77. Confederate Jean Cloth Material
  78. Shirts
  79. Apprasing 'Original' Civil War Buttons?
  80. Authentic Southerners
  81. Some other Southern Ancestors
  82. DeBray's 26th Tx Cavalry
  83. Uncle Sam's Sutlery quility
  84. Do you need uniform pieces??
  85. McDowell brim?
  86. Maker for plus-size frock coat?
  87. Caps and Kepis
  88. Looking for Uniform pieces or have an old uniform in need of some care?
  89. John Thillmann’s Army Sword Book
  90. Atlanta Cultrey Civil WAr Uniforms
  91. More things change...
  92. Vests
  93. Becoming a Tailor? Maybe...
  94. Some good uniform options.
  95. Cape Lining
  96. Uniforms
  97. Russet Leather
  98. Undyed Brogans
  99. positioning of chevrons
  100. proper isignia and marking on Federal Kepi
  101. Civil War Reenactments Uniforms
  102. Real or Repro?
  103. Dave Jackson's Hat
  104. onfederate staff officer's shell jacket
  105. How to de-mildew a shell jacket?
  106. NRA award pins - how do we wear them?
  107. 34th Battalion Virginia Cavalry uniform
  108. Need help finding uniform
  109. Navy Blue lighweight wool fabric
  110. berdan sharpshooters cartridge box
  111. black soutache braid
  112. How to wear a kepi or forage cap
  113. Shirts
  114. Women competitors
  115. Frock Coat, Vest and Pants for sale
  116. Wisconsin Civil War Buttons?
  117. WTB Cadet Raincoat or Similar
  118. Uniform Jackets
  119. Madison, GA 1863
  120. Original Greatcoat for sale??
  121. 4th Missouri Cavalry
  122. What is this?
  123. light tan moderm pants for butternut?
  124. Discretion Disposition
  125. Cost effective online retailers for starter uniforms
  126. Civil War Uniforms of Blue & Grey - the Evolution
  127. Skirmish Rain Cape / Rain Coat
  128. Whats your favorite hat??
  129. Help - Quality Chevrons???
  130. Union style sewing kit
  131. Wool Fabric
  132. WTB a dark Navy blue shirt
  133. Available patterns for Confederate shirts & pants
  134. Hello-- Doing a presentation on Bull Run Uniforms 1861-- any info on the Confederates are welcome
  135. Old photo
  136. OK-- Just do it.
  137. Civil War Uniforms, We need an Archive.
  138. Uniforms-- and Civil War History and more.
  139. White leather from EBay
  140. Civil war uniforms we need an archive.
  141. Upcoming Anniversary Event for the Fall of 2024-- Table for Uniform Archives and Collection there..
  142. Uniform Makers
  143. New Recruits - Uniforms, Equipment, and Supplies
  144. Searching for Calvary Cut Trousers