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  1. Help identify maker and model of SNY 6-pounder gun
  2. Cannon Convergence at Ft. Meigs, OH 18-20 April
  3. Al Goscinak passed away
  4. Wiard Guns
  5. Would this be suitable for making a mnt. howitzer?
  6. Anyone know the "Skirmish Line" staff?
  7. Gatling gun hopper feed
  8. What is the purpose of this small cannon?
  9. Revolving gun
  10. Limber chest
  11. Mortar/Cannon Rules
  12. Video of Mortar Match
  13. Gunner's Level manufacturers
  14. Artillery drill that's so bad it's educational
  15. Conformation of reproductions to the rules
  16. anyone doing restoration work?
  17. Pardon my ignorance,but why is this cannon smoke BLACK?
  18. pics mortar
  19. Why don't I see any 10-inch mortars at the Nationals?
  20. AAA Bernie & Ken Extravaganza
  21. False "Civil War Confederate Armstrong Cannons" ad
  22. Artillery Sponge/rammer and worm
  23. Base Diamentions 12lb motar
  24. Rob West
  25. Washington Navy Yard cannons show extensive corrosion
  26. rockets
  27. Mortar sizes
  28. Naval Academy creates Cannon Conservation Fund
  29. double barrelled cannon at Gettysburg
  30. Where can I purchase implements for my 24lb. Coehorn Mortar?
  31. Treadwell iron and steel 6-pounder gun, 1844
  32. Many shells I 've never heard of
  33. Projectiles
  34. Here comes another accident.
  35. Mortar Match video-Nationals
  36. Shooting the 32-:Pounder Field Howitzer
  37. 2.9-inch Blakely rifle,
  38. 2.9-inch Blakely rifle,
  39. Ames 3 or 4 Pounder
  40. Phone number or e-mail
  41. 12 in. Columbiad/100 pounder Parrott aboard NAUGATUCK
  42. Tall tales about cannon
  43. Confederate Mtn Rifle
  44. Blakely 9-inch seacoast rifles and guns
  45. Recent ARTILLERYMAN articles in online index
  46. West Point cannon trophy no. 382
  47. 2.9-inch Confederate rifled mountain howitzers
  48. Fawcett-Preston (Blakely) mountain rifle type 10
  49. How much ammo do you recognize in this old photo?
  50. Hughes BL Artillery
  51. New Rifle Howitzer class
  52. Civil war ordnance letters -47 misc. items
  53. Whatever happened to these two bronze cannons in SC?
  54. 3/4 scale sponge bucket.
  55. 1861 Whitworth breechloader operator's manual
  56. coppertops page
  57. Williams gun photo
  58. 12-pdr. Whitworth target practice 11/14/61, Wash. Navy Yard
  59. Confederate ordnance ledger from Savannah
  60. Question for moderator: Interested persons outside the US
  61. limbers
  62. Question on mortar skirmish eligibility
  63. more limbers
  64. LCOL Talcott letter raises many questions
  65. Weight of projectiles
  66. Cannon sights
  67. What were all the holes in this cannon for?
  68. Some nice projectiles in museum basement
  69. Large Weapons in the West Point Museum
  70. Why is this Navy lanyard knotted this way?
  71. Some trinkets from the Sutler Village
  72. New theory on who rifled this British light 3-pounder gun
  73. Need a mold for a 2.9 Parrott
  74. Dahlgren boat howitzer limbers
  75. Attaching Sabots
  76. Videos of bronze cannons in the Washington Navy Yard
  77. Video of battery of CSS Atlanta-four Brooke rifles
  78. Jacksons signal cannon
  79. Time-lapse pictures of antique bronze being ruined
  80. Are there any metallurgists or chemists in NSSA?
  81. LaPan 3/4 scale 6 Pounder - Free Advice?
  82. 24 pdr. howitzer captured from CSA in Charleston -photos
  83. Captured Austrian rifled bronze howitzer
  84. Cannon at Washington Navy Yard after conservation
  85. Photos sent to the Navy
  86. Memphis arsenal arty saddles
  87. Video showing people inviting disaster with a cannon
  88. Goodwins Battery
  89. Video of late Tom Dickey, shell collector, "in action&q
  90. 2.9 parrott
  91. case shells
  92. 5-time National Winner Parrott Rifle & moulds. See FOR S
  93. specifications for NSSA artillery
  94. Will trash can pojectiles work in this gun?
  95. Hotchkiss 100-pounder rifle no. 1, made for fluted shells
  96. Old drawings of Absterdam projectile
  97. Mountain howitzer
  98. Need contact info for Ken Kurdt
  99. Photo of 7th NY discovered and $$$$old
  100. What kind of shot used inside Napoleon canister round?
  101. Gettysburg Cannons Dissolving
  102. Siege Mortars and Proof Testing
  103. 10-inch Siege Mortar, unknown model?
  104. Three Mexican War Siege Howitzers identified in Florida
  105. Complete inventory of a US field battery, 2nd Artillery
  106. More Mex War survivors ID'd, 12 in National Parks, 3 Army
  107. lost bill andersons number
  108. Old photo of rare Confederate howitzers
  109. When does recoil occur???
  110. Stolen Cannon
  111. Serpentine powder
  112. cannon wheels/mortar cart.
  113. How many government employees does it take to move a cannon?
  114. "Open House" for closed forum
  115. Bronze Cannons at West Point are protected from corrosion
  116. Rolling Broadside
  117. looking for artillery for demo purposes
  118. Location information found for two surviving Ordnance Rifles
  119. Mortar platforms
  120. prairie limber
  121. Incredible display-Artillery Canister Projectiles
  122. Fake naval ordnance artifacts proliferating
  123. Please help ID unknown Dahlgren-style percussion lock
  124. Possibly unique Navy powder measure
  126. Ancient French Cannon in Confederate Texas
  127. Collection of Confederate ordnance documents in Richmond
  128. Artillery display wins Robert L. Miller award at CMH meeting
  129. Accuracy of Whitworth Artillery
  130. cannon platforms
  131. 1.5-inch Whitworth Breechloading Cannon
  132. Researcher finds important CW artillery document
  133. It takes an Army to move artillery
  134. Interesting letter, Blakely to Dahlgren 1858
  135. Clay Breechloader
  136. Treadwell Iron and Steel Cannon 1843
  137. Whatever became of the 13" mortar "The Dictator" ?
  138. Researching the History of a tube?
  139. Photo of 30-Pdr Parrott Needed
  140. Pair of nice bronze guns rescued from junkyard in Africa
  141. Gun that fired the last shot of the Rebellion
  142. First Cannon Fired during the Civil War
  143. Discovery: Details re: Andrew Jackson's arty at New Orleans
  144. MINI Cannons
  145. Please help assess this limber chest, how old etc.
  146. Handspike dimensions?
  147. Found an 8-in. shell in a junkyard today
  148. 6 pdr US 1841 bronze gun, small
  149. Fake pendulum hausse sight sold at online auction
  150. For all you guys who complained about the golf ball mortars.
  151. cannon parts ltd
  152. Questionable artillery items on the market
  153. Coehorn mortar beds-3 different patterns in one old photo
  154. Other types of fake ring gauges bought at shows
  155. pack parrot
  156. chapman and son
  157. aluminum mold for zinc
  158. aluminum mold for zinc
  159. 12 pdr. Napoleon Accuracy
  160. Present day 12 pdr. Napoleon accuracy
  161. Artillery table of fire
  162. Who makes 12 lb mortar balls
  163. Help ID mysterious UK cannon founder
  164. Does Charlie have one of these yet?
  165. Blanks from a mortar?
  166. zinc balls for a 3" tube?
  167. Log Mortars-Now Everyone Can Have One!!!
  168. approved repo mountain rifle barrels
  169. looking for info on the 1.25 stockton rifle.
  170. Trying to track someone down.
  171. Alexzander wainwright shoot
  172. French artillery used by Confederates
  173. Cannister
  174. Tolley 1.125 inch pentagonal rifle
  175. Source for 2 inch capsquares?
  176. gunners gimlet, worm, wooden rammer wanted
  177. Replica 10 Pounder Parrott Rifles
  178. Is there an attorney in the house?
  179. Sponge head for Howitzers?
  180. Ammunition Chest For Sale
  181. Stolen Cannon
  182. To brass plate a barrel or Not
  183. Any info on stolen iron eprouvette mortar?
  184. Did anybody see...
  185. Any info on night fire events spring-fall 2012
  186. Beer can mortar project
  187. replica wooden fuse plugs
  188. 2012 Spring Night Artillery Shoot
  189. Positions/Relays at Nationals
  190. Where can I get a table of Fire for my Wiard?
  191. Original Napoleon barrel bore scoped and scanned.
  192. Historical Information on the Wilkinson Bullet
  193. 12# Napoleon gun & limber models
  194. Question about the design of period wheels
  195. Need mentor for 24 pound mortar
  196. Where to buy fuse?
  197. Artillery & Musket Skirmish January 2013
  198. 2nd PA's "First time"
  199. Mortar Bore Scrapper
  200. Need Gauntlet for firing Mortar
  201. Building the Coffee Mill Gun
  202. RoMix BackSet to remove concrete from cannon barrel?
  203. What do I need for the Mortar inspection during the nationals
  204. Golf Ball Mortar Questions
  205. 1f & 3fa
  206. Greenhill formula: Overall length or "Bearing" length for projectile?
  207. Scoring
  208. Cannon / mortar ball molds
  209. Wainwright Shoot
  210. Newbie to Mortars
  211. Inspector General Wade Huffman
  212. Question about 3" Ordnance Rifles
  213. A really WIARD question.
  214. How would one go about buying a cannon?
  215. Custom cannon ball molds
  216. Cannon Failure at Fort Mchenry
  217. The Houston Arsenal
  218. Mortar charge
  219. Questions about a breech loading cannon that may have be build in IN during the Civil War
  220. Eruption
  221. who makes a small canon ball mold
  222. Cannon for sale
  223. Official registration packet
  224. Need email address for Charlie Smithgall or contact me
  225. Need replacement mortar ball
  226. Mortar
  227. 3 Inch Ordnance Rifle Limber and Cassion Loadouts
  228. Where to get paint for artillery carriage?
  229. Source for full scale brass Coehorn replica?
  230. Artillery Projectiles Collectors Among You ?
  231. U. S. Patent No. 12,795 Circa 1855
  232. Information on the defensive fortifications around washington, d. C. ?
  233. Whitworth Artillery -- A Basic Introduction
  234. Artillery Live Explosive Carnage
  235. The History of Artillery Article
  236. --- for the artillerist ---
  237. For the artillerist
  238. CS artillery kepi
  239. English 3lb brass cannon?
  240. Camp Grayling Michigan "Long Range" Artillery Matches set for July 22/23, 2017
  241. Have a mortar, need instructions on how to SAFELY shoot in the spring
  242. WTB Artillery Vent Pick
  243. DoD DEMIL Program?
  244. --- Artillery Vent Pick ---
  245. 2017 rules packet
  246. Aluminum Cannon Mold
  247. Open sights for howitzer
  248. Bore Size for Cannon and Mortar
  249. Small cannon balls
  250. Identify friction primer