The revolver team match target order has been changed. Events 1 & 2 will be double hung and events 3 & 4 will be double hung. Phase 2 should also pick up their targeting material from the shed area and be prepared to hang events 1 & 2 as soon as phase 1 is complete. All skirmish trash from phase 1 and phase 2 should be placed in front of the firing benches as there will only be 1 trash collection after phase 2. This is all time saving to get competitors more time before the smoothbore match.

The artillery meeting in the barn has been changed to 10:15 Friday. This again is to help competitors get to the smoothbore match.

Note that the breechloader match time now includes a spencer match. Both are shot at the same time but spencer teams are only competing against other spencer teams.

6:00PM Friday is once again a regional all-star match. Come down and cheer your region on.

The individual targets will again be sold and shot at the right end of the main range. This is a money maker for all of us that helps with the ever increasing cost of skirmishing. They need help at times so anyone willing to volunteer time helping with safety duty needs to just go down an see if help is needed or contact Joe Plakis.

Please remember for the artillery match all spectators must remain behind the main fence and roping until all field pieces are in place and transport vehicles have been parked. The tower will announce when spectators can go forward. This will occur for all phases of the match.

There have been some minor changes to the commands given by the tower. Please listen to the commands for new instructions.

Most of all please enjoy your national skirmish.

Michael Jordan
Program Chair