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Thread: Hey MODS- is anything going to be done about the spambots?

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    I, also, have reported every spam I have seen, dozens. The typo explains why they weren't getting through.

    I also volunteer to moderate. I am on the BBS nearly every day.

    But, someone will have to explain the ropes to me, as I've never done vbforum moderation before.


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    A typo in the reporting system will certainly cause the problem. Glad to hear it got corrected.
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    Quote Originally Posted by nssa-admin View Post
    Next round of this crap, and I suspend accounts.
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    As a Moderator I can tell everyone that the reporting system is functional and working quite well, as my email inbox has received in excess of 150 assorted email "Spam Reports" in the past 4 weeks. I'm glad to see Vicky found and corrected the disconnect to her email. As fate would have it I simply did not have time to go the BB and clean them up. That has worked out for the better because with PJ's assistance I'm quite sure things will be much better!

    Complicating my position as "Moderator" is the fact that my clearances are different from one page to the next. As an example, on some very few pages I have the option of using the "Spam-o-Matic" button which will automatically delete all posts by the specified spammer at one time, plus permanently banning them from the BB, and reporting them to a spam filtering source. On other pages I can only use the "Delete Post as Spam" option, which will ban the user, but then leaves the post showing on the BB as having been deleted, which is an unnecessary waste of space. I have the same problem with the posts which are sitting in the "Moderated Post" queue, that you the membership never get to see and of which I have deleted hundreds upon hundreds. I can delete them, but they stay on my BB pages as deleted, because I don't have the option to remove them completely. This clutters what I see on my BB pages more than you could ever imagine! When the BB was originally set up I was given Admin level security clearance, which permitted me to assist the then current Admin to delete and permanently ban spam accounts when they registered, and before they ever posted. A previous Admin (not Vicky) took that level of clearance away when that person took over the BB and made me a Moderator on one page, only. Shortly after Vicky became the Admin, she extended my Moderator clearance to all pages, but the permissions are scrambled because I don't have the same options on all pages.
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