The idea that a good shooter might pick up for the "other" phase from what their team shoots and give their pick up team an unfair advantage is a mixed bag.

On one hand... let's assume that an A team guy picks up with B team as a pick up. He or she does so well that it bumps that team up into a higher category, and wins them a medal. Immediate bonus aside, that would be a detriment to them for the next national, putting them in a division out of their weight class. I appreciate this.

But on the flip side, that's always an issue. Say your team doesn't go to nationals. You, as their best shooter do. You pick up. Your efforts put them over the top to get a medal. Or, let's say that your team is really good. 110th OVI good. You are the man out, the 17th member. Bottom of the B team. For a low B or C team, you are still a rocking pick up.

I reckon in these cases, the team that picks you up is happy to have you. I've been 'that guy' for repeater. Our team doesnt' field a repeater team, and when I shoot repeater and pick up with a repeater team that normally isn't that great, I usually outscore all the domestic guys and they are thrilled to have me.