Donate to the N-SSA this Year

Strengthen our organization and get a tax deduction as well!

This year our Board is trying to pay off the remaining land loan for the purchase of Area 7 nearly ten years ago. That current balance is close to $125,000. It is to our benefit to get this loan off our books and eliminate the interest payments. Please help the N-SSA to pay of this debt now!
As you consider your yearend giving plans, please add the N-SSA to the list of organizations that you support. All donations, no matter how small ($10, $20, everything makes a difference), will help to preserve Fort Shenandoah, the N-SSA, and the history that we honor for future generations of skirmishers.
Any checks dated by December 31 will be logged in as a 2015 charitable donation. Receipts will be mailed to all donors. For your convenience, use the return envelope that was packaged with this edition of the Skirmish Line.
Some Easy Ways to Support the N-SSA this Year

AMAZON - Remember to use the Amazon Smile program this year when doing your Christmas shopping. Log in at and designate the North-South Skirmish Association to receive the charitable rebates. (For more info, please refer to the article in the Summer 2016 Skirmish Line).
IRA DISTRIBUTIONS – Have you taken the last of your Required Minimum Distributions (RMD) from your IRA accounts yet for 2016? If not, and you are at least 70 ˝ or older, you may receive some significant tax benefits by donating part of it to the N-SSA before the end of the year. (For more info, see the article in the Spring 2016 Skirmish Line).
CHARITABLE GIFT FUND - Have you considered opening a Charitable Gift Fund account with your brokerage firm? It can be a great tool for helping you to time your charitable giving and maximize tax benefits. (For more info, see the article in the Fall 2015 Skirmish Line).
EMPLOYER MATCH – Does your employer have a program to match your charitable donations? If so, there is still time this year to utilize this tool to double your contribution at no cost to you.
IN MEMORIUM – You may make a donation in the name of a committed skirmisher who has passed away. Or you could donate in the name of your team, your region, or a fellow skirmisher.
ESTATE PLANNING – Have you considered including the N-SSA in your estate plan? There are many ways, both simple and complex, to leave something behind for our organization. Please watch for articles about this subject in upcoming editions of the Skirmish Line.

Show your support for the N-SSA and be listed in the Society of Color Bearers in the next edition of the Skirmish Line. Along with your Thank You letter and receipt, we’ll send you a donors’ static cling decal to display on your vehicle or camper window. Let your fellow skirmishers see that you are a supporter of our organization. Let’s see a lot of these decals on display by the next National Skirmish!